Canada’s New Cannabis Laws and Regulations

Cannabis Laws in Canada

Cannabis Regulations regarding cannabis, process of legalization, cannabis in provinces and territories, and driving laws.

As set out in the Cannabis Regulations:

  • licences will be required for:
    • cultivating and processing cannabis
    • sale of cannabis for medical purposes
    • analytical testing of and research with cannabis
  • permits will be required to import or export cannabis for:
    • scientific or medical purposes, or
    • industrial hemp
  • licence holders will be subject to strict physical and personnel security requirements
  • plain packaging will be required for cannabis products:
    • the Regulations set out strict requirements for:
      • logos
      • colours
      • branding
    • cannabis products must also be labelled with:
      • mandatory health warnings
      • standardized cannabis symbol
      • specific information about the product
  • access to cannabis for medical purposes will continue to be provided for patients who need it:
    • the Regulations will substantively incorporate the current rules for access to cannabis for medical purposes, as set out in the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations
    • certain changes have been made to create consistency with rules for non-medical use of cannabis, to improve patient access and to reduce the risk of abuse of the system
  • manufacturers of prescription drugs containing cannabis, while primarily subject to the Food and Drugs Act and its Regulations, will also be subject to certain regulatory requirements set out in the Cannabis Regulations.